Lit Weddings with Mike Moon

“Photography is a science and an art form. Lit Photographers are like STEM professionals. We master the science of light to create fine art.”

-Mike Moon

Wedding Photography Mentoring

LitWed photographers are hand-selected and trained by Mike Moon himself, based on his proven 50-page manual and his experience as a combat photographer in the Marines. Every LitWed photographer undergoes a rigorous portfolio review process and on-the-job training with Mike, where they master dozens of parameters, including lighting, timekeeping, day-of-planning, crowd management, and, of course, how to shoot the uniquely complex LitWed lighting, composition, and style.
Mike Moon

-Mike Moon

Mike Moon is a 30-year veteran photographer at the top of three industries, weddings, television/movies and Fortune 500 retail branding. Weddings are still his favorite specialty though. Lit Weddings is his latest venture, and it’s the only place to personally hire him. It represents a new style of wedding photography combining fine art and landscapes with lighting and natural moments. Mike learned photography on film cameras as a combat photojournalist in the U.S. Marines before working for sixteen years as a Visual Merchant and corporate photographer for The Home Depot’s World Headquarters in Atlanta.
When he’s not photographing weddings, He works in movies and television, including regular stints as a stills and gallery photographer for The Discovery Channel, Lifetime Network and more. You can follow his movie work on IMDB at He’s also a professional electrician.
In his free time, Mike works out, swims, barefoot runs and spends time with his wife of 25 years and twin “Moonpies,” who are in highschool. His goldendoodle’s name is Fergie.

LitWed Photography Mentoring

Virtual Packages

Coaching Call | 1 Hour | $500

You’ll receive a questionnaire to give us an idea of where you’re at in your business, what you’re struggling with and how we can help you. We’ll hop on a call and work through everything together, answer any questions and provide insight on how to take your business to the next level. Includes a website and portfolio review.
Q+A Call

Q+A Call | 1 Hour | $350

Have questions? We have answers.

Let’s set up a call and chat about anything that you’re struggling with or things you’re just curious about. We’ll be an open book to help you overcome your pain points and tell you our recipe for success to upgrade your business.

LitWed In-Person Shoots

A Hands-On Approach

Engagement Session | 1-2 Hours | $900

Join us for a real-world wedding shoot and learn how we do it! From prepping the couple to posing to off-camera lighting techniques to gear, you’ll learn everything you need to know to shoot stunning engagement photos. This hands-on experience is a great way to boost your skills and portfolio.
Weddings | Contact for Quote

Weddings | Contact for Quote

Learn to shoot a LitWed wedding just like Mike Moon! Master every aspect of wedding photography, from prepping the couple to posing to lighting techniques to gear, in this hands-on workshop. This is a unique opportunity to elevate your skills and portfolio, and join the team of LitWed.

Available only to select photographers on select dates and will need to be pre-approved by our clients.


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