Lit Weddings with Mike Moon


“Photography is a science and an art form. Lit Photographers are like STEM professionals. We master the science of light to create fine art.”

-Mike Moon

Lit photographers are hand selected and trained by Mike Moon personally, based on a 50-page manual that he developed to shoot weddings just like him. You might say everyone learns to shoot the same way Mike learned – as a combat photographer in the Marines. Because, as elite experts of photography, every LitWed professional photographer undergoes a rigorous portfolio review process, before training hundreds of hours on the job with Mike, where they master dozens of parameters including lighting, timekeeping and day-of-planning, crowd management, and of course, how to shoot the uniquely-complex Lit Weddings composition, style and lighting.
Mike Moon

Mike Moon

Mike Moon is a 30-year veteran photographer at the top of three industries, weddings, television/movies and Fortune 500 retail branding. Weddings are still his favorite specialty though. Lit Weddings is his latest venture, and it’s the only place to personally hire him. It represents a new style of wedding photography combining fine art and landscapes with lighting and natural moments. Mike learned photography on film cameras as a combat photojournalist in the U.S. Marines before working for sixteen years as a Visual Merchant and corporate photographer for The Home Depot’s World Headquarters in Atlanta.
When he’s not photographing weddings, He works in movies and television, including regular stints as a stills and gallery photographer for The Discovery Channel, Lifetime Network and more. You can follow his movie work on IMDB at He’s also a professional electrician.
In his free time, Mike works out, swims, barefoot runs and spends time with his wife of 25 years and twin “Moonpies,” who are in highschool. His goldendoodle’s name is Fergie.

Andrew Koplinski

Andrew is our primary photographer and Mike’s apprentice of many years. He’s a passionate human, soft spoken, who enjoys hiking in the North Georgia Mountains, traveling and photographing the stars (both literally via astrophotography and figuratively as a movie stills photographer).
Andrew enjoys challenging himself to capture light differently by looking at subjects from various angles to improve his work. Andrew’s passion in life is to teach others about photography, light, and how the two interact with one another.
He learned wedding photography under Mike, after spending five years in the wedding industry where he worked more than 220 full weddings as an events and operations manager. Needless to say, he knows wedding day schedules inside and out and is super confident and chill on the big day.

Maria & Ashton

To say Maria and Ashton are the perfect married dynamic duo is an understatement. Professionally, they produce some of the best wedding videos we’ve ever seen. And they are AMAZING people and, like Mike, parents of twins as well!
The one thing you’ll feel when around either of these incredible people is love. Love for their work, love for other people, and a love for weddings. Under stress they are calm, collected and efficient. During less chaotic moments, they are deliberate artists of the highest calibre.
When you see your wedding the way they see it, you’ll be blown away by the nuance, hidden glances and authentic moments they capture.

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